What is Consoultancy?

What is consoultancy?

Consoultancy can be described as a vehicle, that brings you from a current life situation to a desired and happy life.
Consoultancy is an open and an open-ended 'supervision model'. Our accompanying insights and loving, advisory intentions can be seen as a steering wheel or guideline to solve what you want to work on.
Our practical approach is designed to let it flow and find a clear and refreshed personal goal. Afterwards, you can use new tools to reach that goal and use a new way of life.
But you have to activate it yourself, disciplined and with an open heart.

Consoultancy brings you again in connection with our goal in life, namely having fun in what you do and why you do something.
Consoultancy also brings the collective awareness to the attention, allowing us to realize our dreams much faster.

So, at birth you can already start the Journey. It's a hard job. From day 1 already. A whip on the ass and you are supposed to breath. Imagine being born in the South of Congo, like me. Or in the far east. That's not the same as in Europe, where every single details has been discussed months in front. No risk at all. And the insurances covers the whole story too.

For all that, emptyness does not mean nothingness. A new life is not empty at all. It carries a Soul, dear ones.

Consoultancy contains two aspects:

1. An accompanying and realistic program

An innovative approach to bring pleasure to your life - to learn to fall and rise and re-activates the power of your BEING

In nature, life and business the rules of the game are constantly changing. What serves you at one stage of development might harm you at others. facts of life and business change too. When the facts change, I change my mind. It doens't matter how deeply rooted or sacred anything is, when the rules of the game change I dispose of it and evolve for new conditions.
I am kearning to let go, enjoy everything coming to me and to be flexible.

2. An efficient and practical step-by-step plan

Sharing personal experiences, conveying practical insights, old wisdoms and a modern step-by-step plan to achieve your goal.

It doesn’t matter what is true only what you believe is true because with work that will become true.
You built yourself and your life and its you who's solely responsible for where you are right now and where you got in the future. There is no external force, person or thing against you - it’s all you.
We create our own realities through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. The best way to live life is to evolve yourself and achieve whatever you want, to become whoever you want to be.
We are not the highest version of ourselves which we can imagine. We are the lowest version of ourselves which we can accept. Understand that you will do nothing to achieve your dreams but fight like hell to not breach your standards. If you want to achieve your dreams and goals you must turn them into irrefutable standards.

Never miss an opportunity to show your love.

Paulo Coelho
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