Fulfillment: a life-style

Universal service is a way of living without attachments en personal profit.

This all-embracing wisdom transcends the dualities and limitations created by our minds.

What is service: to feel free, happy and always ready to help others.
It doesn't matter what kind of work you do. As long as you serve, according your highest universal consciousness - preferably on a large scale

A universal servant grants universal services, by working with Universal Love, Light and with a high degree of purifty.
Whether you work as a doctor, architect, salesman, freelancer, housewife, nurse, driver, waiter or engineer, the serving heart is what matters.

Give someone a little love, get a little love. Give someone more love, receive more love. Give someone unconditional love, receive unconditinal love.
If you provide unpleasant services, including killing, harming, misusing others, complaining, criticizing and comparing, you will learn lessons.

Give a little unpleasant service, learn small lessons.
Deliver more unpleasant services, learn heavier lessons.
Delivering unpleasant services, learning tremendous lessons.

This law describes how the universe works. The power and meaning of universal service
The purpose of life is to serve. When providing universal services, you are aligned and connected in a special way.
When giving unconditional universal services, you understand the Divine insights and presence. You will manifest with that Divine presence in the most powerful and profound manner.
You are then connected to a very deep level and become one with those universal laws of service.
You become, let say, a pure channel ...

The power of providing universal services has no limits. The higher your soulstanding, the faster you will align. Every time you provide universal services, this connection will become stronger. Increase your soulstanding and the quality of the services you provide, will increase significantly.

How do you provide universal services? There are many ways to provide universal services.
One of the simplest and best ways is to immerse yourself in mantras and sing them.
As a universal servant, you always try to move towards unconditional service. The speed of your progress depends on your choices.

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