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What is my mission in my professional career? People who already know the answer are easy to spot. Their lives shine with meaning. They possess boundless energy. To find our meaning is to master our spiritual journey. Basically, it is quite simple. We need to reestablish the core relationship to ourself and live according to the truth that the greatest gift we can give another and to the world is our own fully healthy self – intellectually, emotionally, and physically. How do we get there? By peeling off all that is not really us. All education, jobs, third party expectations, limiting and fearful thoughts and believes that do not resonate as true deep within ourself when the spotlight is turned off and we are quiet and all on our own. With me, it was a legal education and positions as an M&A lawyer, a European Marketing Director, a General Manager, a CEO and a member of various supervisory boards that I had to let go. It is very easy to confuse who we are with the position we hold and have to take responsibility for. I fell into that trap.

Our highest potential is our Divine gift, not accessible by the ego, third party expectations and all that seems so familiar and safe. The peeling off process requires to let go of what we “think” is good for us, but which feels wrong. Difficult, especially after many years of intellectual training in school and at university. When the continuous blablabla in my head was tamed, and I could develop trust in my dormant inner abilities, my inner voice and was able to say thy will will be done. Slowly my core came to life. But questions popped up. “Where am I going?” “Is it save?” “Who will go with me?” The more I learned to trust my inner voice and its whispers, the clearer the picture got and the answers came. “You help people become themselves again. You write stories for he business world. You show the way.” “Great”, I said, “and how do I make a living of it?” The answer was loud and clear: “By putting all your attention, time and energy at your highest potential.” And then, I gave up the work I had to get the work that was waiting for me

Isa Ly
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