Open Spirituele Kanalen

Why Open Your Spiritual Channels?

Open your spiritual channels to receive guidance from your own beloved soul. Open your spiritual channels to be a better parent, spouse, partner, friend, teacher or healer. When you open your spiritual channels, you access wisdom and guidance to become your best self.Your soul has great wisdom, knowledge and experience of hundreds or thousands of lifetimes and from your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven. Your soul has great love and care for you because your physical journey deeply affects your soul’s journey. Your own beloved soul is your best friend and one of your best guides.

Open your spiritual channels to receive guidance and wisdom from your spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven and from the Divine.

Soul Language and Translation

The spiritual Channels:

Soul Language is the universal language. Every soul can communicate with any other soul through Soul Language. When you learn how to translate Soul Language, you build a foundation for all other soul communication channels (Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye and Direct Knowing).

Your Soul Language carries your soul’s frequency, vibration and power. The Message Center (heart chakra) is the key for Soul Language and other soul communication channels. When you open your Message Center, you open the gate to the Soul World.

Direct Soul Communication

Through direct soul communication, you receive direct messages in words from the Divine, the highest saints and the Soul World.

You may hear the words, like having a conversation. You may open your mouth and words will just flow out. You are “borrowing the mouth.” You are not using your mind. You are simply a vehicle to speak the information and messages that are coming to you and through you. This is also called direct flow. Some people actually see the words they are receiving.

Through direct soul communication you can receive direct teaching from the Divine and guidance from the highest saints.

Third Eye

The Third Eye is the energy center and channel that receives information and messages through images from the Soul World.

It is a cherry-sized energy center located in the brain in the area of the pineal gland. To receive images of and from the Soul World is a very special gift. You may see saints, buddhas, angels and more. You may see the Divine.

The key to opening the Third Eye is to have a strong and powerful kundalini. The kundalini is a foundational energy center located in the lower back, slightly above and in front of the tailbone. Kundalini energy feeds and nourishes the Third Eye.

Direct Knowing

Soul Song for Opening the Third Eye

Direct Knowing is the highest form of soul communication and the most powerful spiritual channel. You just know. You don’t have to speak and then translate Soul Language. You don’t have to have a conversation or do a flow through Direct Soul Communication. You don’t have to receive spiritual images and then interpret them. You just know. Think of Direct Knowing as the highest form of intuition.

But, it is more than intuition. It comes from a strong, deep and pure connection with the Divine and, through the Divine, with all souls. Blockages to your connection with all souls as one must be removed in order to highly develop your Direct Knowing Channel.

Next Steps

Developing your soul communication can help you transform and enlighten your soul, mind, body, and every aspect of your life.

Learn more about Soul Communication, which is a part of the Soul Power Series by Master Sha. You’ll learn how to open your spiritual channels with simple techniques designed to help you access the Soul World.

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