Soul Guided meditation

Meditation with the soul - talk with and via the soul

We learned to connect from the hart - we learned to work with energy.

Everyone has the potential to live a life filled with love, peace, prosperity, joy and more.

Unlimited love, abundance, happiness and success are available to all of us. In essence, we are filled with great soul potential that is waiting to be manifest. We have the seeds of all the qualities needed to align ourselves with spirit, with our life-purpose. Discover how to uncover your essence and develop these qualities further, with the Soul Guided Meditation. Learn how to raise your vibration, so you can start living from the frequency of love, peace, harmony, flourishing and more.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate hidden emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages that hold us back from higher frequency and vibrations. To open the heart and soul is to develop our ability to give and receive love and other wholesome qualities, like forgiveness, compassion, light, flourishing, humility, harmony, gratitude, enlightenment and service. This is the pathway to living a happier, more successful and enlightened life.

To embody any one of these qualities is to embrace them all, for they, like we, are truly all one. Love forgives. Love has compassion. Love carries light. Love has humility. Love is flourishing. Love always serves and promotes harmony. Love is enlightened and grateful. Love is all that and more. Love transforms everything.

As we move toward a higher vibration and frequency, transforming the lower vibrating energies that can block our success and abundance, we can benefit greatly by spending time immersed in the highest and purest frequencies accessible to us. To be present in the Soul Guided Meditation is to access some of the highest frequencies being brought to Mother Earth at this time.

In this meditation, we will focus on ten precious qualities, one at a time, beginning with Greatest Love, so that participants can experience the essence of each quality at a very pure level, releasing the blockages to opening our hearts and souls further. As we bask in the frequency and vibration of these beautiful qualities, we may begin to remember the truth of who we are. The seeds planted in our soul may begin to grow and flourish, and we can start living the life we want to live.

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