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What is Sound Healing?

Music soothes the soul and is one of the best methods for healing. This special form of healing transforms blocks at a high spiritual level. When certain frequencies enter the heart through music, blocks can suddenly blossom into insight, a consciousness or shift in the body. New roads can open up, dreams and wishes can be fulfilled when the intention and the desire to transform the blocks is there.

Discover, experience and try out the Universal sounds that are present during this evening. Pamper yourself with a pool of love, light, peace and harmony. You can recharge yourself with a symphony of high frequencies that will give your soul, body and mind a boost.

Why should you come to a Sound Healing?

Perhaps you’re open to our methods, but you’re having difficulty taking that first step? You might like it better if you are introduced to SOUL HEALING through music? Maybe you have an affinity for music and healing is more accessible to you through music?

Then be sure to stop in at one of our various Sound Healings!

During a sound healing you can learn how to let go and experience how you can transform certain convictions and blocks. Sound Healing can teach you how to accept yourself as you are.
We will guide and help everyone to open their souls’ language channel and other musical channels.

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''nobody can hurt me without my permission''

Mahatma Gandhi
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