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The power of the heart en message centre

Meeting someone who does nott have a spiritual lifestyle but is living embodiment of it, is an extroardinary experience.

Many people are such a remarkable example of what we would like to become or who we would like to be. They remind us to the beautiful spiritual wisdom from Buddhism, Taoïsm and more.

They show you the path, but you have to travel it.

Working with energy - Living from your Heart and Soul

Together we will explore different topics in a save and loving environment.
  • What is energy and how can we balance ourselves and others?
  • What is our selfrestoring capacity and how can we learn to work with it?
  • What is the soul and how can we get in contact again?
  • How can we learn to listen to our soul, heart, mind and body?
  • How can we learn to get more in contact with our feelings?
  • How can we live a more happy and healthy live?

We will work with practical techniques, guided meditation, movement and sound.
In every lesson there is plenty of room for questions and sharing of experiences.

''nobody can hurt me without my permission''

Mahatma Gandhi
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