Learn to deal with energy

Why 'learn to deal with energy' as a workshop, training, evening or teambuilding?

In order to maintain and strengthen your energy, you need a calm field. In that field you can create and attract, what's usefull for the society and humanity.

To allow the natural process in this field, is the characteristic of a wise person. Therefore, when things do not run the way you want it, do not try to transform it.

First, be aware of what you reflect and pay attention to, inside and outside yourself.

Create a field where you limit your self-interest, the way it works in nature. It will show you that the good things, living in yourself, will lead to your important contribution to society.

But then in a natural way, without human-made laws.

Tao-Te-Ching: “Yield and overcome, Empty and become full, Bend and become straight.”


Focusing on what lives in you, rather than focusing on increasing your knowledge or beliefs, avoids a lot of problems. The focus on conservation of energy, with the aim of being present in the present is

much stronger than gathering knowledge that you want to use to teach others in pre-established laws. That struggle for power always leads to complications in life.

Focus your attention on what lives in you, connect with a force whose richness can not be estimated. And that's the field we can live together.


  • Always focus your attention on unconditional love, first with yourself. Feel yourself and experience how this energy reaches others. You will begin to understand how the Universe works. Your desire for control and domination will decrease and the virtue of unconditional love will descend upon your whole existence and those who are connected with you in one way or another.
  • Always experience all sincerity and integrity during your meditations, bringing your mind to rest more quickly. And 'karma-wise' will only be useful if, from this practical experience, you become the embodiment of integrity and sincerity. During your meditations, expand the space you are paying attention to. You eventually house an energy (soul) in a place in your body (what you're not just. It's a tip that few teachers will share with you.) A soul wants to travel in space and time and unconditional framework. So limited observation may to the fullest of your sincerity and integrity.
  • Experience the tenderness when meditating. It feels like a sensitive, respectful force, not as a weakness. It is much more important to be good and kind in your energetic field, then right, important or superior. Let your ego sail that others want to dominate, check for direction. Take away in the rhythm and sounds of the Universe. Surf on the waves of tenderness instead of fighting with yourself. Complaints, frustrations and displeasure will disappear.
  • Upload yourself with supportive, loving thoughts. Self-love and self-care. See yourself living in a world of good deeds. This meditation-shaped energy will help others to go beyond your expectations. Just the thoughts. And faster you apply this lifestyle, the greater the impact on your life. The things you need come automatically to you. Supporting thinking, meditating, acting and life is about your awareness of service. And be sure, most people who are really successful know what I'm talking about.

These 4 tips can be used as a roadbook, to experience the simple Universal evidence and apply it full-time and later you can put them under the Universal Christmas tree.

The greatest satisfaction comes from 'giving' and 'serving', not from the benefit of yourself. Try it and see what it brings. .

THE POWER TECHNIQUES (also as a workshop or teambuilding)

The energy that we use as it were to give added value to life plays an important role in our existence.

Types of energy and power

The kind of energy I want to speak about, is a force. We are talking about body power, spirit, soul power and sound power. These are the 4 powers we daily work with.

But you can go deeper...

  • Mind Power, for example, is the direction of your action.
  • Body Power enriches the work, your vitality, prana (life energy) and more.
  • The Soul Power increases your trust, dare and the depth of your mobility.
  • Finally, the Sound Power is the expression and sound board, the accompanist of your pleasures, the transformer of your ideas, the performer in you, the character of what you say, do and think.


New impulses / Innovative Brainstorming / bring down the umber off absenteeism / increases motivations / avoid burnout / balances the negative results

Learning to handle energy is FUN - laughing and discovering. It's INTERACTIVE you're not sitting down too much. It ends INDIVIDUALY but you share what you want.

Learning to handle energy includes MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. Time so to learn to connect yourself. You will MOVE to let the energy flow. We use SOUND as an expression of your journey.

Cancer - a more or less permanent traffic jam in the body

Andreas Moritz
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