Universal Meditation


Millions of people worldwide meditate daily. Some practice well-known meditations that have been passed down through the centuries, while others concentrate on techniques for developing specific abilities. Although meditation is a personal experience, practitioners and researchers have long known the benefits of meditation.

What is the secret behind meditation? The answer can be given in two words: creative visualization. However, how you practise creative visualization can make a world of difference. Whether a particular meditation originated in China, India, Tibet, North America or anywhere else, it most likely will fall into one of two categories: open-style meditation or closed-style meditation.

Come and learn more about those styles.


One of the biggest challenges for most people who are just starting out is concentration.The simple instruction to 'stop thinking' is perhaps one of the most difficult for beginners to follow. The intent is to follow the mind. Many become discouraged and frustrated by the monkey mind. However, if you struggle to stop thinking, you are not following a most important universal law, to 'follow nature's way'. If your mind needs to think, just let it think. After all, thought is a product of the mind. So let us share a unique aspect of Universal Meditation that will change your view of thinking while meditating. In practicing, you will use your mind to create all kinds of images and place them in your abdomen. As you do this, many other thoughts will naturally occur, related or unrelated to the meditation. Do not worry. Treat every thought as a good thought.

Come and learn more about the real secrets of meditation.


Let us lead you in a basic Universal Meditation in one of our weekly classes (see agenda). When we are done, after the weekly class, we will also explain (also) the wisdom behind Universal Meditation.

What is Universal Meditation?
Universal Meditation is an unconditional servant of the universe. Connect with this universal servant and practise. Receive the immeasurable blessings and benefits this universal
servant brings: life transformation, soul enlightenment, world peace, universal harmony and universal enlightenment.

When we practise Universal Meditation, why do we deliberately place all our vizualizations and images in the abdomen?

Come and learn more about the real secrets of universal meditation.

Sound Power - Chant or sing special vibrational sounds, sacred healing mantras, your own Soul Language or Soul Song, Divine Soul Songs, and Tao Songs.

Mind Power - Creative visualization. Where you place your focus is where energy goes or how energy moves.

Joy is prayer - Joy is strenght - Joy is love - Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.

Mother Teresa
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