Our 'WHY'

Sit down for a while, meditate, give up things and become...

We laid down our experiences about growth and evolution in an understandable lifestyle.
Our insights on the path of personal development are listed below, so you can easily start right away to check if it suits you.

  • To live means: being affected and suffer
  • Being affected means: you are attached
  • The end of all your pain and suffering: is always attainable
  • The path to the end of the tunnel: is long
  • The lenght of your path depends on: the right view and thoughts, meaningfull words, nice actions, honest activities, sustainable efforts, a strong mind and an appropriate focus.
  • Embrace: the middle way
  • Be inspired by speakers around the world and the great teachers from history
  • Discover and protect your own power, but also listen to the teachings of those who inspire you
  • Never stop your Journey to the highest truth, even if you suffer, are detaching, exercise patience, develop qualities, become deceived, live extreme challenges, get false instructions, get unable to procees, or have to let the false prophet do his thing..

Never loose your connection with the highest truth and only do what you are allowed to do.

Ready for the next step? Ready to 'let it go' or do you need something new? Do you need coaching or training or do you want to empower yourself? We can invest in your relationships, health and finances together. I would love to be a guide for you in a personal session. During a personal session, you will receive a Soul Reading to help you understand the root cause of the challenges in your physical life and/or spiritual journey. You can also receive a powerful blessing for your condition or aspect of life, including the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies, as well as relationships, finances, business, etc.

Cancer - a more or less permanent traffic jam in the body

Andreas Moritz
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