Why Con'soul'tancy?

Don't seek for the ultimate truth or external savior anymore ...

Be strong and try to take refuge in yourself. Don't wait for the external truths or influences.

Live in the unconditional freedom of time and space and discover your true self, to be able to disconnect from pain and suffering, fears and more.

You will find the answer in the centre of your being - your Soul.

Yes we have too face many challenges and stubborn patterns, which only keep repeating if you do not work consciously on it yourself.

We all know them: the financial challenges, divorces, cheating, sexual abuse, depression, illness, burnouts and much more. It doesn't matter how rich or successfull you are.
Sometimes painfull and very sad, but it drives us to find the 'cause and solutions'.

In that way we realized that the silent walk to our Soul, the healing process, consists of 3 steps.

  • Step 1: the physical discovery, the physical healing, all physical activities and our mind.
  • Step 2: the energetic techniques, everything between the cells, our movements and the quest.
  • Step 3: healing on Soul level, the deeper work, the disciplined lifestyle and unconditional freedom

Each one of us has a particular path to tread, a unique road that is destined for us alone. It goes through hills and valleys, and sometimes difficult, rough roads. At times like that, you want someone next to you, showing you the way. Pathway To Success wants to be this guide for you; to help you in both good and bad times.

Toon Hermans
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