What is a Consultant

What is a consultant?

A consultant is somebody who gives advice to a specific group of people. Somebody, well, this is you. The advice, this is what you're selling and in a specific group of people, well, this is who you're selling it to, so your niche. It's pretty simple. You've got three things. You've got somebody, advice and a group of people. Now the somebody is very simple. We can cross that one out. That's you. The advice, this is what you're going to be selling. In a group of people, this is who you're selling it to. All we need to really figure out if you're staring a consulting business is the advice and the group of people and then we've got it. That is how simple consulting is. Why do people buy advice? Let's tackle this next one. We've figured out somebody. This is you.

This is what Sam Owens explained me in his training program. Maybe world's best consultant on the moment?

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